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Discussing Personal Opinions

Elizabeth and James are friends at work. They are having lunch at the café. While they are

waiting on the food to arrive, Elizabeth is talking to James about an Instagram post…

Elizabeth: Look at this James! You’re friends with Jill and Mike too, aren’t you? Well, they

announced yesterday that Jill is pregnant with twins, twin girls to be precise!

James: Oh really! That's great news! They have another little boy, Max. He must be really


Elizabeth: Actually, I don’t think he is... I heard he’s a bit thrown about it. Being an only

child, he’s got used to be being the centre of attention. Very soon, he’s going to have to share

the spotlight with not one, but two more siblings!

James: Mm… but I think it’s better to have siblings. It would be very boring and lonely if

you had no-one to play with or to share your thoughts and feelings with.

Elizabeth: I come from a family of three and we were great company for each other when we

were growing up. On the flipside, an only child never has to share their things and they get

lots more presents too!

James: But that can make them very spoilt!

Elizabeth: Yes, that’s true… but in my opinion, being an only child can make you more

independent too, because you get used to relying on yourself and doing things by yourself.

James: I suppose so… but I think it’s better to have a brother or sister to share your secrets


Elizabeth: We could talk about this all day! I’m sure their little boy will grow to love his

new twin sisters!

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Discussing Personal Opinions


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