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Life in the Future

Leah asks her friend, Josh, to help her with some ideas for a project…

Josh: Hi, Leah! How are you?

Leah: Hi, Josh. I’m doing good. I’m working on a project about what our living spaces might

be like in the future. Do you have time to help me with some ideas?

Josh: Yes – no problem… Well, I think that our future homes will be greener and more

environmentally friendly because of climate change and the level of air pollution which is

rising very quickly.

Leah: So, do you think houses and flats will stay the same?

Josh: No, I don’t think we’ll just have regular houses and flats… I think there will be

skyscrapers with many levels filled with plants inside and outside to help reduce air pollution.

Leah: Maybe you’re right… Our planet is likely to be over-populated and living space will

be limited.

Josh: Also, I think that because of technological innovations, everything at home will be

controlled by technology! People in the future will give voice commands to their smart

houses and electrical appliances.

Leah: That sounds amazing! Thanks Josh - you’re a life saver! I was struggling to think of

ideas, but you’ve helped me so much. Now, I need to go and write these ideas down…

Josh: No problem. Good luck with your project!

Cups of Coffee
Life in the Future


Phrasal verb
Example sentence
To set about

 To start to do


  1. I have no idea how to set about changing the wheel on my car.

  2. I tried to apologise but I think I set about it in the wrong way.

To look ahead

To think about what

might happen in the


I’m trying to look ahead to see how I can expand the business.

To think ahead

To think about what

might happen in the


It’s time to think

ahead and plan

what we are going

to do this year.

To carry something out

To do or complete


I’m planning to

carry out more

research on digital

technology for


To look forward to

To be exciting about something that is going to happen.

I’m really looking forward to going on holiday this summer.

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