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Luggage Problems

Peter is at the airport in Paris. He is patiently waiting for his suitcase to come around on the

conveyor belt but there’s no sign of it. He goes to the airline desk to ask for help…

Peter: Good afternoon. My suitcase hasn’t come around on the conveyor belt. I’ve been

waiting for the last 15 minutes and there’s no sign of it…

Airline Assistant: What flight did you travel on, sir?

Peter: Manchester to Paris. I arrived at 12.30.

Airline Assistant: OK - let me check… Unfortunately, some of the suitcases on this flight

were damaged in transit. Can you describe your luggage, please?

Peter: Yes, it’s a large, navy, plastic suitcase.

Airline Assistant: Unfortunately, when the luggage was being loaded, some of the suitcases

were damaged and yours is most likely one of them. Is your name on the suitcase?

Peter: Really? What a disaster! Yes, there’s a label with my name and address on it. Peter

Steel, 12 Brookfield Close, Manchester.

Airline Assistant: Yes, I can confirm that your suitcase was damaged. I can go and get the

suitcase for you now and you can check that if the contents are damaged. I’m very sorry for

the inconvenience, Mr. Steel…

Peter: Mm… the suitcase is cracked… but my laptop seems to be fine and everything else

seems to be here…

Airline Assistant: I’m very sorry, sir. You are entitled to full compensation for the cost of

your suitcase. I’ll give you this form to fill in - please return it to the desk soon as possible.

Peter: But what about now? What am I supposed to do with a broken suitcase?

Airline Assistant: I can provide you with a replacement suitcase, free of charge!

Peter: OK, that’ll do. It’s better than nothing…

Cups of Coffee
Luggage Problems


Phrasal verb
Example sentence
To run through something

To practice or repeat something from beginning to end.

Let’s run through the song one more time before we perform.

Home and School Life
To fall behind (with

To fail to do something on time or fast enough.

1.  He missed most of classes and fell behind with his schoolwork.

2.  He didn’t come to class for weeks so he fell behind.

Home and School Life
To drop out (of)

To quit before you have finished something.

1.  He dropped out of school 2 months before he was due to complete his exams.

2.  He dropped out.

Home and School Life
To sail through

To succeed easily in doing something.

He sailed through the test and achieved the highest mark.

Home and School Life
To keep up with

To continue being informed about something.

I like to watch the news to keep up with current affairs.

Home and School Life
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