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Talking about Fashion

Sunita and Christie are talking about fashion and their personal styles…

Sunita: Hi, Christie! What are you reading? Is that a fashion magazine?

Christie: Yes, it is. I don’t usually read fashion magazines, but my sister bought it, so I

decided to have a look at the latest fashion trends for summer.

Sunita: In my opinion, people should wear what they feel comfortable in and what suits

them, not what is set as a fashion trend… Do you follow fashion trends?

Christie: No, I don’t really follow fashion… I just like having a look at the photos. I’d never

be able to pull some of the clothes off though. I like mixing different styles and patterns,

depending on my mood and the occasion of course.

Sunita: I really like your style because it’s unique and it suits your personality. I’d never

think of mixing prints and putting checked trousers with a loose, flowery blouse, but it looks

great on you!

Christie: I’ve noticed that you like different prints too, and tapered or ripped jeans. And I’ve

noticed that you wear clothes with nice, feminine details – they have zips, buttons, bows or

ruffles which always catch my eye.

Sunita: Yes, you’re totally right. For me, it’s all about the details… I always look at the

finer details when I’m shopping, and I think it expresses my personality. What about

accessories? Do you think they’re important?

Christie: Accessories are great because they complete any outfit! I have lots of them…

earrings, necklaces, rings, and lots of bracelets too.

Sunita: Shoes are my weakness! I have far too many of them, but I can’t stop myself from

buying a new pair if I like them…

Christie: Although we said that we don’t follow the fashion, clearly, we actually do pay a lot

of attention to our clothes!

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Talking about Fashion


Phrasal verb
Example sentence
To put away something

To store things where they are usually kept.

Please put away your toys when you’re finished with them.

Daily Life
To hang something up

To stop using something because you are no longer doing the activity or sport.

After the final fight of his career, he hung up his boxing gloves.

Daily Life
To hang up

To end a phone conversation

I couldn’t hear him on the phone so I hung up.

Daily Life
To put up with something or somebody

To accept or continue to accept and unpleasant situation.

I can put up his room being messy but I can’t put up with him leaving a mess around the house.

Daily Life
To get up to

1.  To do something.

2.  To do something that others would disapprove of.

1.  What did you get up to on holiday?

2.  The children have been getting up to mischief recently.

Daily Life
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