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Talking about Love Affairs

Mary Smith works at a local radio station as an agony aunt. She receives short calls from

people who are seeking advice...

Caller 1 (Woman): Hello, Mary. I’m devastated because my husband wants a divorce, but I

simply can’t imagine my life without him - what should I do?

Agony Aunt: Honey, successful partnerships are not between those who can’t live without

each other, but between those who can live with each other. Unfortunately, this

misconception is still alive, and it has caused many marriages to fail. Marriage is an adult

commitment, and if couples want their marriage to succeed, they must treat it in an adult way. So first, respect

yourself and do not be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you!

Caller 2 (Man): Hi, Mary. I proposed to my girlfriend last week and now, she wants to draw

up a contract before marriage. It has left me feeling disheartened... What should I do?

Agony Aunt: Well, it isn't a bad idea for engaged couples to sit down and draw up a contract

in the same you would for any other working partnership...specifying how many children you

want to have and when, where you will live, how you will divide household duties, how

much money will be coming in and going out... these are all practical considerations which

will contribute to the success of your marriage. Of course, it’s not set in stone, but by simply

drawing it up, you can find out a great deal about each others expectations, because these are

the real marriage wreckers...

Caller 3 (Woman): Hi, Mary. My husband never pays me attention anymore! He just doesn’t

seem interested in me. How can I regain his attention?

Agony Aunt: Admittedly, mostly women call me for advice and as a woman myself, I find it

easier to see things from a woman’s perspective. Often, men find it more difficult to talk

about their feelings than women do. So, when there is a communication breakdown in a

marriage, often men need to be pushed to talk about their feelings and respect their partners

feelings. I highly recommend that you see a therapist with your husband...

And our next call is from…

Cups of Coffee
Talking about Love Affairs


Phrasal verb
Example sentence
To let down someone

To make someone disappointed when you have not fulfilled a promise.

She promised that she would be there but she let me down.

To break down

1.  To become very upset.

2.  When something stops working

1.  She broke down when she opened her results.

2.  The lift broke down.

To bring somebody/something down

1.  To make someone lose their powerful position.

2. To make something end.

1.  He brought his boss down by exposing personal emails.

2.  The rise in export prices could bring the hospitality industry down.

To bottle something up

To refuse to talk about things when someone is worried or upset.

After his father passed away, he bottled his emotions up and wouldn’t talk to anyone.

To get something across

To make someone believe or understand something

He tried to get his point across but his manager wouldn’t listen.

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