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The Dangers of Social Media

Darla is experiencing a problem on a social networking site. She asks her older brother,

Michael, for some advice…

Darla: Hey, Michael, are you busy?

Michael: Not really...I’m just doing some research for a school project… what’s wrong? You

look upset?

Darla: Well… I have a problem and I don’t know how to deal with it… Every time I put

pictures up on Facebook, there’s a boy who keeps writing horrible comments below them.

He’s making me look really bad! I don’t know what to do about it…

Michael: Do you know him? Has he been doing this for long?

Darla: I don’t know him personally, just to see. He’s one of my friend’s friends. He’s older

than me – I think he’s in the year above me.

Michael: Did you tell mum and dad about him?

Darla: I didn’t. And please, hold your tongue! I don’t want them to know because they’ll

blame it on me for spending too much time on social media! They might even take my phone

away…What should I do? Should I reply to him?

Michael: Are you crazy? Don’t answer at all! You should remove the pictures from your

page so that he can’t comment on them anymore. Let me see... are his comments these ones

here below?

Darla: Yes, these ones...and look at this...What is he getting at here? He’s trying to make me

look really bad... I can’t stand it anymore!

Michael: Listen to me - Just take your posts down now and the comments will disappear too.

Social networks are great but there are some rules you should follow. First, don’t reveal too

much about your private life and never give personal information. Use the personal settings

properly to protect your account and privacy and don’t accept requests from people you don’t

know! And never reply to offensive comments!

Darla: OK, you’re right...What if he writes nasty messages to me again?

Michael: Block him from your page! If he finds a way to continue writing messages, you

have to tell mum or dad! It’s called cyberbullying and in extreme cases, it should be reported

to the police. First, let’s see if it continues…

Darla: OK… Thanks Michael - I’ll let you know if there are any more nasty comments…

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The Dangers of Social Media


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