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At the Chemist

Jane has a terrible headache. She goes to the chemist and asks the pharmacist what what medication she can take…

Pharmacist: Good morning, can I help you?

Jane: Good morning, I need something for a terrible headache. It started when I woke up this morning and it’s getting worse!

Pharmacist: It sounds like a migraine… We have these painkillers which are for migraines and they work very quickly.

Jane: OK, I’ll take them.

Pharmacist: Here you go. You’ll need to see a doctor if your headache doesn’t go away.

Jane: No problem. How many do I take?

Pharmacist: Take two tablets now and another two after 4 hours if the pain is still there. Try and eat something before taking the tablets too.

Jane: OK, thanks. How much are they?

Pharmacist: £10.50 please. Would you like to pay in cash or by card?

Jane: By card please. Thank you very much for your help - I really hope they work!

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At the Chemist


Phrasal verb
Example sentence
To come around

To become conscious again after an illness or an operation

One hour after the operation, she started to come around.

To shake something off

To get rid of an illness

I really hope I can shake this cold off before the weekend.

To pass out

To become unconscious for a short period of time.

When the ball hit her on the head, she passed out.

To pick something up

To start to suffer from something

She picked up the cold when she was- on holiday.

To come down with something

To start to suffer symptoms of an illness.

I think I’m starting to come down with the flu.

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