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Reporting a Crime

Sarah has returned home to find that her flat has been burgled. She rings the police station to

report the crime…

Police officer: Hello, Harrogate police station. Can I help you?

Sarah: I hope so! My house has been burgled!

Police officer: Can I take your name please? Where do you live?

Sarah: My name is Sarah Kennedy and I live at 54 Northbrook road.

Police officer: When did you discover the burglary?

Sarah: When I got from work, about 5 minutes ago. I opened the door, and everything was a


Police officer: Was anything stolen?

Sarah: Yes, my laptop is gone, and all my jewellery is gone too.

Police: How did they get in?

Sarah: They forced the back door open and there is broken glass everywhere!

Police: OK - don’t touch anything! An officer will be with you as soon as possible!

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Reporting a Crime


Phrasal verb
Example sentence
To run up against

To experience something difficult and unexpected.

The politicians ran up against strong opposition from the people.

To wrestle with

To try very hard to deal with a problem or a difficult situation.

I wrestled with the decision for a few months before deciding to quit.

To think through

To carefully consider the possible results of doing something.

I need some time think this through before making a decision.

To knuckle down

To start working or studying harder.

He’s going to have to knuckle down if he wants to pass the course.

To talk over

To discuss a

problem or situation

with someone.

We talked over the

issues in the

meeting before

making a decision.

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