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Talking about a Natural Disaster

There was a huge storm yesterday and it has been raining heavily for days. Brian’s house was damaged by the flood. His friend, Ted, visits him to check if everyone is OK…

Ted: Are you alright, Brian? I heard your house has some damage after the flood last week. What happened?

Brian: It was awful and really frightening! It was raining heavily and there was thunder and lightning. I was watching a film and then suddenly, I heard my mum crying for help! There was a loud bang and then a huge crash!  Our basement was completely flooded. Mum was trying to save everything.

Ted: That’s terrible! What did you do?

Brian: I was so terrified! I went down immediately to help her, and my dad and my brothers came too.

Ted: What happened then?

Brian: Well, all the furniture was floating! The water was half a metre deep! We were trying so hard to save things, but it didn’t work. Then, we opened every window and started pouring the water outside.

Ted: Did that work?

Brian: Yes, it did. Within an hour, almost all of the water was gone, but we had to throw away everything that was ruined.

Ted: Oh, that’s awful… but I’m so relieved that you are all OK!

Brian: Yes, we’re all fine. We had a really lucky escape!

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Talking about a Natural Disaster


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