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Asking for directions

Jane has just arrived at her hotel in London. The first thing she needs to do is to buy some essential items. On the hotel website, it says that there is a shopping centre nearby. She calls reception to ask for directions…

Jane: Hi! On the hotel website, it mentions that there is shopping centre nearby. Can you give directions, please?

Receptionist: Yes, of course madam. When you leave the hotel, turn left onto Wood Street. Go straight ahead until you see the museum, then turn right. You’ll see the Diamond shopping centre right in front of you.

Jane: OK, great! How far is it from here?

Receptionist:  It’s just about 10 minutes on foot.

Jane: OK… And do you know what types of shops are inside the shopping centre?

Receptionist: Mostly clothes shops, a grocery shop, a pharmacy, and there’s a new café which has just opened too.

Jane: Great! It’ll have everything I need then. I’ll leave now. Thank you very much for your help!

Receptionist: My pleasure. Have a great day!

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Asking for directions


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