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Describing a Hit and Run Accident

Mr Miller had just left his office when he witnessed a hit and run accident. An old lady was hit by a van while she was crossing the road and the driver left the scene without stopping. He rings the police station to report the accident…

Mr Millar: Hello, I’ve just witnessed a hit and run accident. I’m waiting at the roadside with a woman who has been hit by a van.

Police Officer: Does the victim need an ambulance? Where are you located?

Mr Millar: Yes, urgently! Her leg is badly hurt. We’re on Beaumont Street, at the park bench, beside the bakery.

Police Officer: OK, I’ll request an ambulance right away. What exactly did you see, Mr Millar?

Mr Millar: Well, I had just come out of the office, and I saw a red van speeding down the road.

Seconds later, it went through the red light. Then, it crashed into the lady who was crossing the road.

Police Officer: Did you see the driver? Can you remember what he or she looked like?

Mr Millar: Yes, I saw him quite clearly. It was a man, in his late thirties probably. He had dark hair and glasses.

Police Officer: OK. Did you manage to catch the registration number?

Mr. Millar: Unfortunately, no. It all happened so quickly, and the driver sped off!

Police Officer: OK. An ambulance and police car have just been dispatched and should be with you in five minutes. Please stay with the victim at the same location until they arrive.


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Describing a Hit and Run Accident


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