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Feeling Angry

Bob and Ken are co-workers. Bob is talking to Ken about another colleague who has treated him badly…

Ken: Hi, Bob! You look angry - What’s wrong?

Bob: Charles is really getting on my nerves these days…

Ken: I know, he is a bit irritating... What did he do this time?

Bob: Well, he humiliated me at the meeting in front of the manager this morning! He just does these things because he thinks he’ll get a promotion.

Ken: I know… He’s so selfish! He just doesn’t think of anyone else.

Bob: Exactly. He said that the report I presented about the company’s foreign trade policy was very unprofessional...

Ken: How dare he say that! I know how hard you worked on it... I can’t stand people who are blinded by their own greed and ambitions! Did you say anything to him?

Bob: No…I was so angry, but I bit my tongue…

Ken: Well, why don’t you speak to him about it now and tell him how you’re feeling? If that doesn’t work, then speak to our manager and he’ll talk to him about it.

Bob: Maybe you’re right… He needs to know how his actions make other people feel.


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Feeling Angry


Phrasal verb
Example sentence
To let down someone

To make someone disappointed when you have not fulfilled a promise.

She promised that she would be there but she let me down.

To break down

1.  To become very upset.

2.  When something stops working

1.  She broke down when she opened her results.

2.  The lift broke down.

To bring somebody/something down

1.  To make someone lose their powerful position.

2. To make something end.

1.  He brought his boss down by exposing personal emails.

2.  The rise in export prices could bring the hospitality industry down.

To bottle something up

To refuse to talk about things when someone is worried or upset.

After his father passed away, he bottled his emotions up and wouldn’t talk to anyone.

To get something across

To make someone believe or understand something

He tried to get his point across but his manager wouldn’t listen.

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