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Invitation to a Party

Jane and Susan are talking about their plans for the weekend. Jane invites Susan to her fancy-dress party…

Jane: Hi Susan!

Susan: Hi Jane! I really like your outfit today!

Jane: Thank you. I have a question…What are your plans for this weekend?

Susan: Nothing much, I’ll probably be staying at home and watching Netflix most of the time.

Jane: You can’t stay in your house all weekend – that would be very boring! I’m having a fancy-dress party on Saturday. You should come!

Susan: Sounds fun! What is the theme of your fancy-dress party?

Jane: The theme is superheroes and villains. I’ve already bought my costume.

Susan: Great! I could dress up as Cat woman. Would you like me to bring anything?

Jane: You could bring some snacks. The party starts at 7 PM. You could come over at 6 and we could get dressed up for the party together.

Susan: OK, sounds great! I’ll see you at 6 on Saturday! I can’t wait for the party!

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Invitation to a Party


Phrasal verb
Example sentence
To set about

 To start to do


  1. I have no idea how to set about changing the wheel on my car.

  2. I tried to apologise but I think I set about it in the wrong way.

To look ahead

To think about what

might happen in the


I’m trying to look ahead to see how I can expand the business.

To think ahead

To think about what

might happen in the


It’s time to think

ahead and plan

what we are going

to do this year.

To carry something out

To do or complete


I’m planning to

carry out more

research on digital

technology for


To look forward to

To be exciting about something that is going to happen.

I’m really looking forward to going on holiday this summer.

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