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Making Predictions: Will Robots Replace Humans?

Peter and Jake are colleagues who work in the same office. They are making predictions about how robotic technology might be used in the future…

Peter: Jake, do you think robots will take our jobs in the future?

Jake: Maybe. I think robots will be able to do everything in the future! A lot of jobs that were done by humans are now being filled by robots. In a lot of warehouses, robots are moving all the goods. There’s even a hotel in Japan where robots help guests to check-in, and they take their luggage to rooms too.

Peter: Really? That’s amazing!

Jake: If technology keeps on advancing, robots could become as intelligent as humans!

Peter: Mm… I think they will have a huge impact on our future, but I don’t think that robots will be able to replace humans in some jobs, like doctors or translators…

Jake: You never know - We might even have robots to help us at home…

Peter: That would be amazing. If I had a robot at home, I would programme it to do everything for me!

Jake: If I had my own robot, I would never get out of bed!

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Making Predictions: Will Robots Replace Humans?


Phrasal verb
Example sentence
To set about

 To start to do


  1. I have no idea how to set about changing the wheel on my car.

  2. I tried to apologise but I think I set about it in the wrong way.

To look ahead

To think about what

might happen in the


I’m trying to look ahead to see how I can expand the business.

To think ahead

To think about what

might happen in the


It’s time to think

ahead and plan

what we are going

to do this year.

To carry something out

To do or complete


I’m planning to

carry out more

research on digital

technology for


To look forward to

To be exciting about something that is going to happen.

I’m really looking forward to going on holiday this summer.

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