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Taking a Gap Year

James and Mark are talking about taking a gap year before starting university…


James: Mark! Why don’t we go to Argentina for our gap year? It looks amazing! We could do voluntary work there and go travelling too. A charity is looking for people to teach English to young children.

Mark: That sounds great! We could do that for six months… Then we could go travelling.  Where could we go?

James: Well, there’s a town called Rosario. It’s about 200 kilometres from Buenos Aires. I’d love to visit the Andes and go hiking!

Mark: That sounds amazing! What about doing a Spanish course before we go?

James: Well, on the website, it says they offer a 30-hour Spanish course free of charge when we arrive, so that should be enough to start with.

Mark: Perfect! How hot do you think it’ll be?

James: I’m not sure… Maybe about thirty degrees during the day and cooler at night.

Mark: Well, why don’t we travel in September? We could start work at the start of October.

James: Yes, we could work for five months and then, we could go travelling.

Mark: Sounds great! Let’s get it arranged!

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Taking a Gap Year


Phrasal verb
Example sentence
To come across something

To find something


He came across a

nice, little

restaurant while he

was walking

through the town.

Entertainment and Food
To check out
  1. To prove information or facts are true.

  2. To check out of a hotel

  1. You should check out the latest Harry Potter book – it’s amazing!

  2. He checked out at 11am this morning.

Entertainment and Food
To eat out

To eat in a


When I lived in

France, I used to

eat out every


Entertainment and Food
To polish something off

To finish eating

food or doing work


  1. She polished off the whole pizza.

  2. He polished off two essays in one week.

Entertainment and Food
To snack on something

To eat small amounts of food between meals

If you eat breakfast

in the morning,

you’re less likely

to snack on


Entertainment and Food
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