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Talking about an Accident at School

Sam was playing volleyball when he collided with another member of his team and hurt his ankle badly. He is sitting in school’s medical room, waiting to be examined by the doctor…

Dr Johnston: Hi Sam, what happened to you today?

Sam: Hi, Dr Johnston. We were playing volleyball, and I jumped into the air and collided with another boy, Simon, on our team. I think I might’ve broken my ankle…

Dr Johnston: Well, I can see it’s very swollen…Where do you feel pain?

Sam: On this side, and I can’t put a lot of pressure on it either…

Dr Johnston: It looks like you’ve sprained it badly, but to be sure, I’m going to send you for an X-ray this afternoon.

Sam: Do you know how long it’ll take to recover? There’s a really important match at the end of this month…

Dr Johnston: Well, it depends on what the X-ray shows. If you have sprained it, it could take two to four weeks to heal. If it’s broken, it could take six to eight weeks. Either way, I’m afraid you won’t be able to take part in the match. I’m really sorry, Sam.

Sam: Really? I’m so disappointed… The pain is unbearable too…

Dr Johnston: I’ll give you a prescription for some painkillers now. Here is a letter to take with you to the X-ray department at the hospital – go there at 2 o’clock today. Let’s hope it’s good news and you haven’t broken any bones.

Sam: I hope so… Thank you, Dr Johnston.


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Talking about an Accident at School


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