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Talking about Homesickness

Jane has just moved to France for her year abroad… She is starting to feel very homesick, and she talks to her flatmate, James, about it…


James: Are you OK Jane? How are you settling in?

Jane: To be honest, not great… I’ve been missing home terribly. I miss my family, my pets and even my bed… I haven’t been able to sleep at night and I’ve been feeling really depressed…

James: Oh Jane, that’s not good for your health… We haven’t had an opportunity to go out and explore yet. Why don’t we go out for dinner this evening? We could find a nice restaurant in the city centre…

Jane: I don’t feel like going out… I just want to go home.

James: To be honest, I’ve been feeling a bit homesick too, but I know that this is an amazing opportunity and that it’s going to take time to settle in. I have an idea…

Jane: What is it?

James: Let’s decorate our rooms and put lots of photos from home up on the wall too! That’ll help us feel better! We need to try and keep ourselves busy too.

Jane: That’s a great idea…will we go and find the shops?

James: Yes, the next metro to the city centre is at 3. Let’s go!

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Talking about Homesickness


Phrasal verb
Example sentence
To come around

To become conscious again after an illness or an operation

One hour after the operation, she started to come around.

To shake something off

To get rid of an illness

I really hope I can shake this cold off before the weekend.

To pass out

To become unconscious for a short period of time.

When the ball hit her on the head, she passed out.

To pick something up

To start to suffer from something

She picked up the cold when she was- on holiday.

To come down with something

To start to suffer symptoms of an illness.

I think I’m starting to come down with the flu.

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