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Talking About Sports

Jake and Alex are talking about their favourite sports…

Jake: Hi Alex! I have to write an essay about my favourite sport for my English class...but I

can’t decide what my favourite sport is. What’s yours?

Alex: Mm… If I had to choose one, I’d probably say my favourite sport is football. I’m

passionate about it.

Jake: Me too! I really enjoy playing football and I like swimming too. What do you like most

about football?

Alex: I just love the way football is played. Every player contributes to the success of the

team. To score a goal, you need to be part of a team who understands and trusts each other.

Jake: I totally agree. Teamwork is very important in football. I love the moments when

players kick the ball from a long distance away and it goes perfectly into the nets.

Jake: Yes, those moments during the game are amazing!

Alex: I’m glad we have the same mindset about it. In fact, I play football at the local club and

our coach is looking for new players at moment. Why don’t you join us?

Jake: I’d love to. That would be great!

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Talking About Sports


Phrasal verb
Example sentence
To put away something

To store things where they are usually kept.

Please put away your toys when you’re finished with them.

Daily Life
To hang something up

To stop using something because you are no longer doing the activity or sport.

After the final fight of his career, he hung up his boxing gloves.

Daily Life
To hang up

To end a phone conversation

I couldn’t hear him on the phone so I hung up.

Daily Life
To put up with something or somebody

To accept or continue to accept and unpleasant situation.

I can put up his room being messy but I can’t put up with him leaving a mess around the house.

Daily Life
To get up to

1.  To do something.

2.  To do something that others would disapprove of.

1.  What did you get up to on holiday?

2.  The children have been getting up to mischief recently.

Daily Life
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