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Talking about Stress at Work

Kate works for a marketing business. Recently, she has been feeling very stressed at work. She talks to her colleague, Sandra, about it...

Kate: Sandra, do you ever feel like you carry a heavy burden on your shoulders in work? I mean, we have to work very long hours, we have alot of responsibilities and we don’t get the salary we really deserve...

Sandra: Well, yes. I do. I agree with you, but I don’t know what to do about it...

Kate: I think we should ask what the other think too. If they think the same as we do, we can arrange a meeting with our manager to talk about our concerns.

Sandra: That’s a good idea, Kate. I’ll try to find out if everyone else feels the same way we do.

Kate: And I forgot to mention another thing! We should demand to be paid extra when we work at the weekend.

Sandra: Let’s start by finding out everyone else’s opinions first...

Kate: OK, it’s better if we voice our opinions together, as a team.

Sandra: Of course it is. Together, we have more chance of making a difference.

Kate: As the saying goes - Teamwork makes the dream work!

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Talking about Stress at Work


Phrasal verb
Example sentence
To let down someone

To make someone disappointed when you have not fulfilled a promise.

She promised that she would be there but she let me down.

To break down

1.  To become very upset.

2.  When something stops working

1.  She broke down when she opened her results.

2.  The lift broke down.

To bring somebody/something down

1.  To make someone lose their powerful position.

2. To make something end.

1.  He brought his boss down by exposing personal emails.

2.  The rise in export prices could bring the hospitality industry down.

To bottle something up

To refuse to talk about things when someone is worried or upset.

After his father passed away, he bottled his emotions up and wouldn’t talk to anyone.

To get something across

To make someone believe or understand something

He tried to get his point across but his manager wouldn’t listen.

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