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Talking about Yesterday

Mike and Lucas are talking about what they did yesterday…

Mike: Hi Lucas, how are you doing?

Lucas: Hi Mike! I’m fine, just a little tired. How are you?

Mike: I’m tired today too. What did you get up to yesterday?

Lucas: Well, I ran into Jamie yesterday and he said he was throwing a party. He said I could

come if I wanted to, so I went there and stayed until midnight. It was so much fun!

Mike: That sounds like fun. I wish I had been there too…

Lucas: What did you do yesterday?

Mike: I went swimming with couple of friends and then we played basketball.

Lucas: That sounds fun as well. We should organise a game of basketball sometime.

Mike: Yeh, I’d love that! I can find out if anyone else is interested too. Just let me know

when you have free time.

Lucas: Sounds great! I’ll call you tonight.

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Talking about Yesterday


Phrasal verb
Example sentence
To put away something

To store things where they are usually kept.

Please put away your toys when you’re finished with them.

Daily Life
To hang something up

To stop using something because you are no longer doing the activity or sport.

After the final fight of his career, he hung up his boxing gloves.

Daily Life
To hang up

To end a phone conversation

I couldn’t hear him on the phone so I hung up.

Daily Life
To put up with something or somebody

To accept or continue to accept and unpleasant situation.

I can put up his room being messy but I can’t put up with him leaving a mess around the house.

Daily Life
To get up to

1.  To do something.

2.  To do something that others would disapprove of.

1.  What did you get up to on holiday?

2.  The children have been getting up to mischief recently.

Daily Life
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