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(AISR) is an award-winning International centre of excellence for B-STEMM (Business and STEMM) education. AISR is Northern Ireland's first independent, UK accredited STEM Institute, offering internationally recognised undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to the highest standards in Business, Science, Mathematics, Information Technology, Arts, Social Sciences, Engineering, Education, Para Medical and Medical studies.


Our headquarters is located in Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland, UK. We have campuses in the UK, Ireland, India and Nigeria. AISR also offers: 

  • online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses, whether you are a teacher, trainer, parent you will find a course that suits you.

  • Study Abroad Packages to help students develop their leadership and entrepreneurial skills

  • STEM and CLIL training for teachers – can be funded by KA1 Erasmus

  • Cultural Visits

  • Coding, Medicine and Entrepreneurship summer school (virtual and physical)

  • Content development

  • Educational consultancy

  • Software Development

  • Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) development.


We developed our own: VR chemistry lab, where students carry out step by step practicals in an immersive environment. We bring our educational posters to life with AR videos. GCSE level mobile game, which combines various STEM subjects and concepts in order for students to learn in a fun way

SU Vasil logo

SU Vasil Kunchov Vratsa is a public primary and secondary school in Vratsa, a town in the northwest of Bulgaria. The school offers ordinary, humanitarian and business classes and has many years of experience in participating in Comenius and Erasmus projects, which positively impacted our students and teachers.

Our teachers combine traditional teaching methodologies with interactive lessons such as drama, role plays, video lessons, presentations, online exercises and games. Our school has been actively participating in Erasmus+ projects,


The WAP project is a great opportunity for:

  • our teachers to receive CPD accredited training, share best practices and learn about different educational technologies

  • our students to be able to speak to native English speakers, therefore improve their pronunciation, English language competencies and communication skills


Most of our students continue to study English after their high school studies to further improve their English, and as part of their self-development plan. Our students are eager to take part in Erasmus project, in order to improve their speaking and listening skills in many different situations.

okul logo Turkey

Selma Yiğitalp Anatolian High School is one of the most prestigious schools in the county Konak/İZMİR, offering modern and scientific education. It’s a mixed secondary school with approximately 750 students aged between 14-18 years old. 


The school offers various extra curricular activities and clubs such as drama, chess, music, sports and scrabble. Students participate in competitions and tournaments on a yearly basis. They also take part in social responsibility projects including visiting orphanages; donating books to schools in disadvantaged areas etc. We are proud of our students who participate in such activities.

Enrico Mattei Vasto

The State Industrial Technical Institute "E. Mattei" begins its activity in Vasto (Italy) in 1962-63; it is a secondary level education centre and consists of

  • Scientific Lyceum option Applied Sciences (14 classes)

  • Technical Institute - Technological Sector (37 classes) with specialisations in:

    • Chemical-materials-biotechnology;

    • Electronic-Electrical;

    • IT- telecommunication;

    • Mechanics and mechatronics;

    • Transports-Logistics.

There are over 1000 students, they are between 14 and 19 years old, coming from our town and from the surrounding area, and about 130 teachers. All the students are involved in a lot of afternoon activities such as English and German courses, CAD and ICT courses, volleyball and sport activities.


There are several students with special needs and they are involved in all the extra curricular activities. In 2010, the Institute founded the “Higher Technical Institute in Mechanical and Mechatronic sector.


Since 2019, the school has acquired the title of ETWINNING SCHOOL thanks to some eTwinning labels obtained for the projects and to the characteristics of the school as well. Since 2019, the school is a Reference School for Avanguardie Educative of INDIRE , an innovation movement connected with our National Agency.


All of  Scientific Lyceum' students attend the University and they always obtain very good results and these are certified by an Italian Organisation called EDUSCOPIO Fondazione Agnelli. The graduates of the Technological Sector enjoy a high employability rate due to the high quality education they receive at our school.

Balvi vocational and general education secondary school is a high level educational institution with modern vocational programmes and secondary education standards. Our school implements three vocational education programmes:

  • Carpenter

  • Clothing style specialist

  • Commercial services


The school also runs primary and general secondary education programmes. Students entering our secondary education programmes have the opportunity to choose only general secondary education, or  general secondary education with vocational routes. We also implement short vocational training programmes that last from one to two years as well as lifelong learning programmes. 

At Balvu school, English language is taught via different methods including teaching new vocabulary, listening and speaking drills, pattern practice, work with text ( text comprehension tasks, true/false statements, find answers to the questions from the text, finish the sentences with missing information etc.), speaking activities (discussion, dialogues, role-plays, answering questions), listening for specific information, matching speaker with the opinion, gap filling, small projects - individual or group work (searching for information and creating presentations), content based tasks that have relevance to other subjects or students’ lives, brainstorming and language games. We also teach vocational English to meet the English language needs of our vocational learners in a range of specialisations.

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