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WAP Outputs

SpeLiN App

The aim of the app is to help teachers and students practising their pronunciation by imitating the native accent. This is the best way to perfect their listening and speaking skills, as beginners are usually afraid to speak in front of others, because they think they will make a mistake. This way, beginners can practice on their own, repeat each conversation as many times as they need until they feel comfortable to engage in a conversation with their classmates, colleagues and native speakers. Additionally, by regularly practising pronunciation, users will assimilate English expressions and phrases for several everyday situations, which eventually will help them to think in English and speak fluently with ease.



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Community Forum

Teachers, students, and anyone with an interest in the project's outcomes is encouraged to use our Community Forum, where we can build our international network, share best practice, new innovative teaching methods and promote communication and collaboration to help bring new ideas to life.


CLIL Lesson Plans

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is an approach to language teaching that involves teaching content subjects (such as science, math, or social studies) through the medium of a second or foreign language.

Partners in this project have created a variety of CLIL lesson plans that combine language and content instruction and feature exercises designed to improve proficiency in both areas.

The goal of CLIL lesson plans is to provide learners with a more immersive language learning experience, while also helping them to develop their critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills in the target language.


The goal of the student survey was to collect information about students’ English Language knowledge. A total of 129 students for whom English is a second language participated in the survey. The survey was distributed within the 4 partner countries: Turkey, Bulgaria, Latvia and Italy. UK students were not involved in this survey due to the fact that their native language is English and the survey aimed to gather information about the English language proficiency of students who speak English as a second language.

The goal of the teacher survey was to collect information about challenges of teaching during COVID-19, to find out about teachers’ competencies, knowledge and skills regarding:

• Teaching English 

• Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

• Digital skills


This website includes all of the conversations featured in the SpeLiN app, now available with American accents. Practice your English listening and comprehension skills by listening to and repeating these conversations with native American speakers.


Accessing these conversations on the website provides an additional opportunity to reinforce your learning and improve your English proficiency.


Originally, AISR wanted to use local voice artists, however, from our research we realised that European students learn a lot of their English from American TV shows and games. Therefore, we thought that American accent would be beneficial to the students. AISR's staff are from Northern Ireland, and based on feedback this accent is inaudible and students found it difficult to understand. Thus, we refined the methodology based on this and we found a better approach. 




The partners wanted to compare their English curricula to each other's to identify areas of overlap and differences. Through this comparative analysis of the English curricula, the partners gained a broader understanding of how language learning is approached in different contexts, and used this knowledge to inform their own teaching practices. By sharing best practices and learning from one another, partners can develop workshop contents that meet the needs of students from diverse backgrounds and with varying learning styles.

Additionally, by examining the structure and content of the English curricula, we contribute to the development of strategies that can enhance student learning and engagement, ultimately preparing them for success in both academic and professional settings. The report will be disseminated to policy makers to support them in their work towards creating more effective and inclusive English curricula.

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