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WAP Outputs

SpeLiN App

The aim of the app is to help teachers and students practising their pronunciation by imitating the native accent. This is the best way to perfect their listening and speaking skills, as beginners are usually afraid to speak in front of others, because they think they will make a mistake. This way, beginners can practice on their own, repeat each conversation as many times as they need until they feel comfortable to engage in a conversation with their classmates, colleagues and native speakers. Additionally, by regularly practising pronunciation, users will assimilate English expressions and phrases for several everyday situations, which eventually will help them to think in English and speak fluently with ease.



Project Website

The website has a community forum page in order to encourage discussion among teachers, students and other stakeholders regarding the project topics. The forum will also improve communication and increase collaboration in order to keep our stakeholders engaged and to bring new ideas to fruition.


The conversations, idioms and phrases will be available on the website as well. 

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