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Asking for Assistance while Shopping

Mel is on a business trip in the UK. During her lunch break, she is shopping for some gifts to

take home with her. She is looking for a dress for her friend, Maria, and asks the shop

assistant for some help…

Shop Assistant: Good evening! How can I help you, madam?

Mel: Well, I’m interested in that dress over there, the blue one.

Shop Assistant: OK, what size would you like?

Mel: Actually, it is not for me. It’s for a friend back in Italy. I think she's a size 38, but Im

not totally sure…

Shop Assistant: OK, a size 38 is 10 in the UK. Although, that particular dress runs small so

you might be better with a UK 12.

Mel: Mm… I’m not sure what to do. I know she would love the dress but what if it doesn’t

fit? Will I be able to return it for a refund if it doesn’t fit?

Shop Assistant: That dress is on sale at £50 so unfortunately, you will only be able to return

it for an exchange or credit note.

Mel: But I live in Italy and I’m not planning return to the UK for while…

Shop Assistant: If it doesn’t fit, you can return it by post, and I will issue a credit note for

you to spend in our online shop or you will be able to use it in-store if you return to the UK.

Mel: OK – I’ll take a chance on it! Fingers crossed it will fit her… Thanks for your help.

Shop Assistant: No problem at all. Enjoy the rest of your trip here!

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Asking for Assistance while Shopping


Phrasal verb
Example sentence
To set about

 To start to do


  1. I have no idea how to set about changing the wheel on my car.

  2. I tried to apologise but I think I set about it in the wrong way.

To look ahead

To think about what

might happen in the


I’m trying to look ahead to see how I can expand the business.

To think ahead

To think about what

might happen in the


It’s time to think

ahead and plan

what we are going

to do this year.

To carry something out

To do or complete


I’m planning to

carry out more

research on digital

technology for


To look forward to

To be exciting about something that is going to happen.

I’m really looking forward to going on holiday this summer.

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