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Talking about Hobbies

Ruth wants to find a new hobby. She asks Linda about her hobbies to see if she can find some


Ruth: Hi Linda! I was wondering if you could tell me about some of your hobbies so I can

hopefully find some inspiration… You always seem to be busy doing lots of different and

exciting things!

Linda: I wouldn’t say I have that many hobbies… it’s more a case of sticking with

something when I start it. For example, I started dancing last year and even though I found it

difficult at the beginning, I didn’t abandon it…

Ruth: I can’t seem to stick with any hobby long enough to become good at it. I’ve tried team

sports, singing in the choir, running… and I quit all of them within a few weeks because I

didn’t get any satisfaction out of them. What’s your secret? How have you become so

committed to your hobbies?

Linda: Well, I think it’s a very individual thing. Personally, I think a hobby should ignite

passion but that takes time to develop. If it doesn’t, then it’s not for you.

Ruth: I agree. I think the biggest problem for me is moving house frequently, and each town

doesn’t offer the same opportunities.

Linda: And moving house can be very stressful too, and it takes time to get used to a new


Ruth: I really hope that my family are here to stay this time and that I’ll be able to find a

hobby that I love, and I’ll stick with it.

Linda: I’m sure you will. The possibilities are endless here - you just have to find out what

interests you. If you choose something that you enjoy personally, you’ll stick with it!

Cups of Coffee
Talking about Hobbies


Phrasal verb
Example sentence
To put away something

To store things where they are usually kept.

Please put away your toys when you’re finished with them.

Daily Life
To hang something up

To stop using something because you are no longer doing the activity or sport.

After the final fight of his career, he hung up his boxing gloves.

Daily Life
To hang up

To end a phone conversation

I couldn’t hear him on the phone so I hung up.

Daily Life
To put up with something or somebody

To accept or continue to accept and unpleasant situation.

I can put up his room being messy but I can’t put up with him leaving a mess around the house.

Daily Life
To get up to

1.  To do something.

2.  To do something that others would disapprove of.

1.  What did you get up to on holiday?

2.  The children have been getting up to mischief recently.

Daily Life
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