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Talking about Social Networking Sites

Daniela and Anita are talking about the social networking sites they use and their reasons for

using them…

Daniela: Hi, Anita! I haven’t seen you around in a while. How are you doing? I saw your

Facebook post - congratulations on winning the lottery!

Anita: Hi, Daniela! I’m doing great actually, but I haven’t won any lottery… You shouldn’t

believe everything you see on social media. It must be someone’s fake profile pretending to

be me!

Daniela: Oh, really… now, I feel gullible for believing it without asking you! Do you use

any other social media platforms apart from Facebook?

Anita: I have LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, but I haven’t used them for months. Since I

started my new job, I can barely find time to check my e-mails! I use Discord sometimes and

we use Zoom a lot for work meetings and conferences too. How about you?

Daniela: Mostly Facebook. My mum is forever tagging me in food-related videos and posts!

I’ve tried to make some of the dishes myself and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve been using

Discord and Skype too, to keep in touch with friends across the world.

Anita: It’s always nice to learn something new, but we shouldn’t take everything we see on

social media at face value… Some people go to extreme lengths to grab the attention of

strangers and to gain popularity! I have an idea… You should add me on Discord, and we

could have a movie night sometime - how does that sound?

Daniela: Sounds great! I’ll send you my contact details and let’s chat on there!

Anita: Great, chat to you soon!

Cups of Coffee
Talking about Social Networking Sites


Phrasal verb
Example sentence
To put away something

To store things where they are usually kept.

Please put away your toys when you’re finished with them.

Daily Life
To hang something up

To stop using something because you are no longer doing the activity or sport.

After the final fight of his career, he hung up his boxing gloves.

Daily Life
To hang up

To end a phone conversation

I couldn’t hear him on the phone so I hung up.

Daily Life
To put up with something or somebody

To accept or continue to accept and unpleasant situation.

I can put up his room being messy but I can’t put up with him leaving a mess around the house.

Daily Life
To get up to

1.  To do something.

2.  To do something that others would disapprove of.

1.  What did you get up to on holiday?

2.  The children have been getting up to mischief recently.

Daily Life
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