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Ideas for a School Project

Penelope and Violet are good friends. Penelope asks her friend to help her with some ideas for her school project. Her project is about global warming…

Penelope: Violet, can you help me with my school project?

Violet: Sure, I’ll try. What is it about?

Penelope: It’s about global warming. Can you think of any ways to save energy at home and at school?

Violet: Mm…how about turning off the lights when you don’t need them?

Penelope: That’s a good idea! What about the computers and TVs too?

Violet: Yes, it’s the same with all appliances – turn them off when you don’t need them.

Penelope: You’re right. A lot of people don’t remember to turn them off… I try to, but sometimes I forget.

Violet: Exactly. My brother leaves his computer on all day and all night, even when he’s not at home.

Penelope: And he probably has no idea that it harms the environment by wasting electricity…

Violet: That’s for sure! And I don’t think he cares either! I think I need to remind him…

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Ideas for a School Project


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