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Moving to A New House

Ann and her family have just moved house. Ann is talking to her best friend, Pam, on the phone about her new house…

Pam:  So, Ann! Are you happy with your new house?

Ann:  It couldn’t be better! We’re in a big, detached house. It’s much more comfortable than our old house and it’s more spacious too!

Pam:  That’s great! And, what’s the town like?

Ann:  I love it. It’s a small town near the city. There’s a shopping centre and a big park. There’s even a small lake with ducks - I can see it from my window. It’s a lovely view!

Pam: That sounds so nice!

Ann: It really is!

Pam: And how are you getting on with your neighbours?

Ann: Well, that’s the problem…I haven’t even met any of them yet. Mum told me that there are some teenagers around my age, but still I haven’t met any of them.

Pam: That’s a pity... You can come and visit me anytime, you know.

Ann: That’s a great idea! I’ll try to come and see you this weekend.

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Moving to A New House


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