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Sickness Abroad

Lauren is on holiday in Greece with her friend, Jane. They both woke up this morning with a terrible stomach-ache and they have been vomiting ever since… She calls the hotel reception…


Receptionist: Good morning, reception. How can I help you?

Lauren: Hello. I think my friend and I have food poisoning…We ate at the hotel last night and we’ve been vomiting all morning!

Receptionist: I’m terribly sorry to hear that you’re both feeling so ill. Can you confirm that you ate our hotel buffet?

Lauren: Yes. We didn’t leave the hotel all day yesterday and we ate at the buffet yesterday evening.

Receptionist: Do you remember what you both ate and what time you went to the buffet?

Lauren: We both had the sweet and sour chicken dish and ice-cream for dessert. We went to the buffet at around 7PM.

Receptionist: OK, I will report this to our kitchen immediately and we will investigate. In the meantime, do you require medical assistance?

Lauren: No, I think we will be OK…we just need to rest and drink plenty of water.

Receptionist: Again, I am terribly sorry. We’ll do everything we can to help you and to find out what caused your sickness. I’ll send someone up right away with bottled water and if you require any further assistance, please call me straight away.

Lauren: OK, thank you…I will…


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Sickness Abroad


Phrasal verb
Example sentence
To come around

To become conscious again after an illness or an operation

One hour after the operation, she started to come around.

To shake something off

To get rid of an illness

I really hope I can shake this cold off before the weekend.

To pass out

To become unconscious for a short period of time.

When the ball hit her on the head, she passed out.

To pick something up

To start to suffer from something

She picked up the cold when she was- on holiday.

To come down with something

To start to suffer symptoms of an illness.

I think I’m starting to come down with the flu.

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