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Talking about a Litter Problem

Brian and Pete are good friends. They enjoy going for walks in the park. However, today, whilst they are walking through the park, they notice a lot of litter on the ground….

Brian: Look at all that litter over there! It makes so angry when people don’t use the bins and just throw their rubbish on the ground. Something needs to be done!

Pete: It’s awful! I think we should organise a clean-up day. If we do that, people might twice before they throw their litter on the ground.

Brian: Maybe you're right, but I don’t think that’ll be enough to sort the problem. Something more needs to be done….

Pete: Why don’t we contact the council and ask them to put more bins and more signs up around the park to warn people about the dangers of littering?

Brian: Good thinking, Pete! I’ll take some photos and write a letter to the council to see what they can do about it.

Pete: Perfect! I’ll make some posters for a clean-up day too.

Brian: Great! We could get more people involved from school, and we could spread awareness about the importance of recycling and the dangers of littering too.

Pete: Yes, that’s a brilliant idea, Brian!

Brian: We could even set up a Facebook group to recruit more volunteers from the community.

Pete: Yes, let’s do it!

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Talking about a Litter Problem


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